Favorite poems cut through time,
Pierce the mind with thought sublime,
some on nature, love, or life,
God, the soul, or afterlife,
some American, some Christian,
all spring from imagination.

Dante Alighieri - The Divine Comedy

Baseball Poetry and Song

Elizabeth Barrett Browning - Two Sonnets on Love

Samuel Taylor Coleridge - The Rime of the Ancient Mariner

John Donne - For Whom the Bell Tolls, Death Be Not Proud and other Sonnets

Thomas Stearns Eliot - Selections from the Rock and Four Quartets

St. John the Evangelist - Prologue to the Gospel of John

Robert Frost - The Road Not Taken and other poems

Kahlil Gibran - On Love

George Herbert - The Pulley

Joyce Kilmer - Trees and other poems

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow - The Midnight Ride of Paul Revere

Andrew Marvell - A Dialogue Between the Soul and the Body

John Henry Cardinal Newman - Firmly I Believe and Truly

Rainer Maria Rilke - Autumn

Christina Rossetti - The Voice of My Beloved

William Shakespeare - The Quality of Mercy

Robert Southwell - Burning Babe

Alfred Lord Tennyson - Crossing The Bar

William Wordsworth - The Virgin

The Bible